When compared to other hardwoods, teak comes out on top

When it comes to buying wooden outdoor furniture, you should always go for a hardwood, to ensure that your furniture is weather resistant and durable. Teak is popular choice, because it is an extremely durable wood that is resistant to weathering, fungus and insects. This is because it is a dense wood and is rich in natural oils.

Teak is also a very heavy wood and is expensive. There are other hardwood alternatives to teak which are more affordable. If you compare these woods to teak, they are also not quite the same quality.

Nyotah wood

Nyatoh is a hardwood, but is not nearly as resistant to termites and weathering as teak. It is far less water resistant and can rot if it is exposed to too much water. Nyatoh needs to be protected with oils, because it does not have the same amount of natural oils as teak. It has to be maintained regularly, whereas teak requires little maintenance.

Shorea wood

Like teak, shorea wood is rich in natural oils and is a dense wood. This makes it highly resistant to water and also to infestation by termites. It has an attractive red-brown colour, darker than the typical golden brown of teak. Shorea is not as resistant as teak and has to be treated to be protected against weathering. Because shorea wood grows more prolifically than teak, it is a more affordable wood.

Sheesham wood

Sheesham wood is an attractive wood, some of which has a golden brown colour similar to that of teak. The wood can vary in shade to a deep brown and sometimes has darker streaks. Like teak, sheesham is a resistant wood that does not decay, warp or split. It is also not susceptible to termites. Also like teak, it is used for ship fittings.

Mango wood

Mango is another hardwood that is similar to teak. It is hard and durable, but not as hardy or as resistant to weathering as teak, or as sheesham wood. It is also a lighter wood than teak. Mango wood can be vulnerable to fungi and so has to be processed well. It is fairly water resistant.

The alternative hardwoods are literally lighter than teak and are more affordable, so they may be a more practical and attractive choice for outdoor furniture. However, it may be worth making a slightly higher capital outlay to ensure that you have the best possible outdoor furniture made of the hardiest wood, teak.

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