Thee Things To Consider When Choosing Your Recliner Chair

Recliners have been popular for a long time, and many see them as the ultimate in luxury at home. If you want to add a recliner chair to your current living room then you have a lot to consider, and not just the price. While the cost is definitely important, you should look for something that will last the test of time and meet all your basic requirements. If it ends up costing a little bit more than the barebones models, then don't be afraid to shell out a little more for a better long-term product. Here are three things you will need to consider when buying a recliner.

Electric Or Manual

When it comes to recliner chairs there are two types: electric or manual. Most people are familiar with manual recliner chairs, as they provide a small handle or a lever for you to pull open the reclining function of the chair. These are less prone to breakdowns and come in a little bit cheaper than the electric models, which give you a few buttons that you can operate the same feature with. The difference is, electric recliners give you a far more precise end result, and also less of a jolt when you use it, so it is more comfortable. For older users, electric recliners are a must.


While leather might be your first choice as it is seen as the most luxurious material (and it is definitely a great option) you should think about all your choices first. Fabric options are easier to clean and reupholster should you get them dirty. While leather chairs stain less easily and are more rugged, when they do break down (as every chair will with excessive use) they will take a bigger chunk out of your wallet to repair them. There are also some very plush fabric recliners that you might be surprised by. The best way to make your choice between these two major options? Go and test them out in person! 


Anytime you are spending more than a few hundred dollars on something, you should be looking at some kind of warranty or guarantee. If the furniture store you are buying from offers a warranty for an additional fee then you should absolutely take it. A couple more bucks on top of the few hundred (or thousand) you have spent is peanuts when it gives you peace of mind for the future. 

For more information about recliner chairs, contact a furniture store near you.