Four Pieces Of Custom Furniture You Didn't Know You Needed

Everyone's home is different, but there are a few things everyone needs in their homes. If you're renovating or redecorating a place of your very own, here are a few examples of pieces of furniture you might want to have custom made--because the personal touch really does make all the difference.

#1: The Perfect Laundry Sorter

Everyone needs to do laundry--and everyone needs somewhere to keep that laundry until it's done. Laundry baskets are often cumbersome and unsightly, though; have you considered devoting a corner to one that's been custom-made? Any nook, cranny or cupboard is a perfect candidate, and if it's handmade, it'll be the perfect fit. One particularly great option is to have your laundry sorter made as a table, with the removable baskets on wheels underneath so you can pull them out when you need them.

#2: A Warm, Idyllic Window Seat

It can be difficult to know what to do with a bay window. They look great, but they're an awkward size to put anything in and having curtain rods custom-made for them can get expensive. A great way around this is to hang blinds on the inside of the windows and have a straight curtain outside the bay to cover it up entirely; you can then have a wooden bench made to fit your bay and you've got the perfect reading nook to while away the hours in. If there's a radiator in your bay this bench can double up as a radiator cover with vents to allow the room to continue heating; otherwise, it makes a fantastic bit of extra storage space.

#3: Your Dream Wardrobe

How do you store your clothes? Your wardrobe needs will vary depending on what you like to wear, which is why a custom wardrobe is a great choice for anybody who cares about how they're styled. This way, your wardrobe will work for you: lovers of long, flowing dresses can have plenty of full-height rails, while someone with an impressive tie collection can ask to have a sliding tie rack attached to the wardrobe wall. Using drawers, tray inserts and custom storage, your wardrobe can double up as a place to keep jewellery and other accessories, too.

#4: The Sofa For Any Corner

Everyone knows that corner sofas make the best places to snuggle up in the winter--but not every living room has the perfect spot for a pre-made one. If you'd love a corner sofa of your own but can't find a standard size that would work, why not have one custom made? That way, you'll be able to fit it in just where you want it--be that a bay window, a nook created by a chimney breast or the centre of your lounge.

For more information about your custom furniture options, contact a manufacturer in your area.