How to choose outdoor seating

If you are fortunate enough to have a conservatory, deck or even an outdoor space where you can relax, it is important that you are able to maximise your use of this area. You will certainly want to add some type of seating where you can sit and talk or play games as a family. Deciding that you need seating is quite straightforward, deciding what that seating should look like isn't always so easy.

What type of seating do you need?

The biggest problem with choosing seating for a deck or outdoor area is that the seating will be exposed to the weather. You could decide that you are happy to carry chairs from inside your home and to bring them outside whenever you want to sit there but this is often time-consuming and inconvenient. It is far better to have seating permanently available rather than having to collect sufficient seats from around your home every time you go outside. When your seating will be exposed to the weather, what options do you have? Any fabric that will get wet and stay wet for an extended period of time, thereby rotting quickly, is clearly not going to be suitable. You could choose plastic chairs, but these are often uncomfortable, and plastic can become brittle and won't last long if exposed alternately to sun and rain.

One popular option is to purchase wicker furniture. A wicker chair is comfortable to sit in, and if properly waterproofed, these chairs can last well even if stored outside for prolonged periods.

Where does wicker furniture come from?

While wicker tables and chairs have their origins in the far east, where they have been popular for many centuries, today they are made across the world. Traditionally, a wicker chair would have been constructed from materials such as willow, rattan, bamboo or straw, but today you could also find a wicker chair crafted using synthetic or recycled materials. With the ability to be made of so many diverse materials, wicker chairs could be considered a true piece of eco-friendly seating.

Choose your style

While the material used for your seating is crucial it's important not to forget about the style of the furniture. Your local stockist will be able to take you through the styles of wicker chair that they have available. Wicker furniture can be produced in almost any colour since rattan takes dye easily. If the colour of your wicker chair is particularly important, then you will need to talk to your stockist and ask them what colour they would suggest to complement your home.

Contact a wicker chair seller today to learn more details about how these chairs might be a good choice for your outdoor area.