Benefits of Wicker Furniture for the Home

You can bring instant character into your home by incorporating wicker furniture into the design, adding warmth and charm. Consider the following benefits of these pieces.

Suits Indoors and Outdoors

You will have a choice of materials when purchasing wicker furniture, so you can select an option that suits either an indoors or outdoors environment. Wicker furniture refers to a specific type of woven furniture that uses materials such as rattan cane, or resin. While natural rattan and cane need the protection of being indoors, resin or synthetic wicker can withstand the elements and survive outdoors. Thus, for patio or balcony furniture, use resin wicker. 

For indoors, you can use wicker furniture made of rattan or cane. If you leave these natural substances outside, they will crack and dry out in the sun, having no inbuilt UV protection. Rattan and cane also offer porous surfaces, which mean they absorb dew and moisture. Over time, waterlogged furniture can display an ugly mildew film. Thus, while it's okay to bring them outdoors temporarily, make sure these furniture pieces follow you inside for the night.

Complements Different Decors

Wicker furniture not only can use modern materials, but it can also take on modern tastes and styles. It evokes a casual elegance that fits in with coastal, boho, vintage or traditional decors. You can place pieces in different rooms, such as wicker stools set against a kitchen island, adding texture and comfort to hard countertops, cabinetry and flooring. Black painted wicker dining chairs can add a glamourous twist. Or, you could place a wicker bedhead and side tables in a bedroom for an elegant, old-world look. 

Easy to Look After

Wicker furniture won't make you work hard to look after it. Wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth to remove any debris. A soft nylon brush can get into nooks and crannies to remove dust, while a duster can cover other areas. Don't clean the furniture with a high-pressure wash, as the spray can damage the weave. 

Thus, wicker furniture provides an excellent option for both indoor and outdoor living areas, so long as you choose the appropriate material. Reserve natural cane and rattan for the home, and synthetic resin for the garden. The woven style brings elegance and warmth to varied decors while adding attractive texture. Additionally, wicker won't demand too much cleaning and upkeep from you, besides the occasional dusting and wiping.